Ye Portable Professional Table Microphone Stand – Black

  • Solid Construction and Portable
  • Livestreams with this reliable mic stabilizer
  • Adjustable Desk Microphone Stand
  • Guarantee perfect audio during remote meetings

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Ye Portable Table Microphone Stand Price in Bangladesh

The Ye Portable Table Microphone Stand is a high-quality tabletop microphone stand. It features an adjustable mic holder that can be angled in any direction you want, as well as an extendable shaft that can be set to a variety of heights. keeping your microphone steady with zero handling noise during recording. A portable table microphone stand is a compact and adjustable stand designed to hold a microphone on a table or desk. It’s a handy accessory for podcasters, streamers, musicians, and anyone who needs a microphone at a convenient and stable height on a flat surface.  

Here are some key features and considerations for a portable table microphone stand:

    1. Sturdy Base: The base of the stand should be stable and designed to sit securely on a table or desk. Rubberized or non-slip feet help prevent the stand from moving or tipping during use.
    2. Microphone Clip: The stand usually includes a microphone clip or holder that securely holds your microphone in place. Some models come with a standard threaded mount (5/8-inch) to accommodate various microphones, while others may have a specific clip for a particular microphone type.
    3. Foldable or Collapsible Design: Portability is a key feature of these stands. Look for a stand that can be easily folded or collapsed, making it convenient to transport and store when not in use.
    4. Material and Build Quality: Choose a stand made from durable materials, such as metal or high-quality plastic, to ensure long-lasting use. Sturdiness and build quality are important for stability and reliability.
    5. Compatibility: Ensure that the stand is compatible with your microphone type and size. It should accommodate the weight and dimensions of your microphone comfortably.

Whether you’re recording podcasts, conducting online meetings, or performing music, a portable table microphone stand can provide a stable and adjustable solution for positioning your microphone on a table or desk, helping you achieve better audio quality and convenience in your recording or broadcasting setup. 


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