About Us

Welcome to camerasourcebd.com. We are an online e-commerce platform. We started our operations in 2011 with a goal to make sure lives easier to shopping of Photo, Video, Audio & Accessories without any barrier all over the Bangladesh. We are determined to empower our customers to solve and simplify their needs.

In this digital era of Bangladesh where e-commerce business is booming. Here we are offering varieties of products and service to meet the market demand. Nowadays, there are many international Photo, Video & Audio brands came here and tried to fulfill the market supply and demand but most of the local companies fulfill the market demand.  As a local company, CAMERA SOURCE also proud to fulfill the local market demand in Bangladesh.

Actually, camerasourcebd.com is the new generation e-commerce site which is decorated with customized facilities to ensure all the photographer, videographer, audio specialist customers. We are also official distributor of many popular brands in the world. 

We are offering the best deal for authentic products lineup against price & quality. We are continuing our service with trust & reliability for many years. We offer our customers one stop service under one roof, like buy & sell, exchange also camera lens accessories fixing.

We want to create a better life with better experience for our customers and sustain successfully the market relationship. So, we are appreciating to all of our customers for purchase from CAMERA SOURCE without any hassle.

Thanks a lot