Simpex Ac Power Cable for Photography Studio (5 Meter)- Black

  • Professional use for lighting studio
  • Protect the wires inside and to ensure safety
  • Outer jacket should be flexible yet robust
  • A common gauge for power cords is 18 AWG

490৳  990৳ 

Simpex Ac Power Cable for Photography Studio Price in Bangladesh

The Simpex AC Power Cord is a critical component for powering various electronic devices. Ensuring reliable and safe electrical connectivity. This power cord is designed to connect devices to standard AC wall outlets. Providing the necessary power for operation. The AC Power Cord is a power cord designed specifically for use with photography studio systems. Since it is designed for photography studio systems. The cable is relatively long at 5 meters to provide flexibility when positioning lights in the studio. 

The Simpex AC Power Cord is a versatile and reliable solution for powering a wide range of electronic devices. With high-quality construction, appropriate safety certifications, and multiple length options, it is an essential accessory for ensuring safe and efficient power connectivity in both home and office environments. Always verify compatibility with your devices and electrical standards in your region to ensure optimal performance and safety. 

The cord typically features a standard plug (such as a Type B. Which has two flat parallel prongs and a grounding pin or other regional variations like Type C, G, etc. That fits into household or commercial AC outlets. The other end usually has a connector suitable for the device it is intended to power, such as a C13 connector (commonly used for computer power supplies) or other specific connectors.

  • Brand : Simpex
  • Type : Power Cord
  • Cable Type : AC 2.5 Mbps Speed
  • Connector 1 : 3 Pin A
  • Connector 2 : 3 Pin A
  • Connector Material : Copper
  • Cable : Flat
  • Part Number : 101
  • Compatible Devices : Camera
  • Color: Black
  • Suitable For : Porata light, Strobe light, Photography lights
  • Cable Length: 5 m


What is the Latest Price of Simpex Ac Power Cable in Bangladesh?

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