LENSGO D2L Microphone Audio Adapter with 4 Hot Shoe Mount – Black

  • Designed for DSLR cameras & video cameras
  • By connecting a higher-quality external microphone
  • Gain control allows you to fine-tune the audio level
  • High-quality plastic and metal materials made
  • Flexible and adequate for various recording setups
  • Compact size for easy transport and storage

1,990৳  3,990৳ 

LENSGO D2L Microphone Audio Adapter Price in Bangladesh

The LENSGO D2L Microphone Audio Adapter is a small device designed to improve the audio quality of your recordings by working as an intermediary between your microphone and camera or smartphone. The D2L has a 3.5mm TRS microphone input jack that allows you to connect an external microphone to your camera or smartphone. This is beneficial because built-in mics on cameras and smartphones often have poor audio quality.

The D2L might have a gain control knob that allows you to adjust the microphone’s audio input level. This is important to ensure the audio isn’t too quiet or distorted. Some models might include a high-pass filter switch. This filter can help reduce low-frequency rumble or wind noise in your recordings. A 3.5mm headphone jack allows you to monitor the audio input from your microphone in real-time, helping you to adjust gain levels and identify any audio issues during recording.

  • Ensures high-fidelity audio transmission, reducing noise and interference for clear and quality recordings
  • Provides a secure and stable connection to prevent audio dropouts during recording
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices including smartphones, cameras, camcorders and audio recorders
  • Features a standard 3.5mm TRS/TRRS connector, making it suitable for most microphones & recording devices
  • Robust materials to ensure long-lasting durability and reliable performance
  • The flexible cable design prevents tangling and provides ease of use in various recording environments
  • Easy to carry and transport, making it ideal for on-the-go recording sessions
  • Simple plug-and-play operation requires no additional software or drivers allowing for quick and hassle-free setup
  • Intuitive design makes it easy for users of all levels to achieve high-quality audio recordings






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