Godox Dual Flash Bracket Hot Shoe Speedlight Professional Flash Stand with Umbrella Holder – Black

  • Dual Cold Shoe Mount Extension Bar with Umbrella Holder
  • Universal cold shoe mount for Camera, Flash & Accessories 
  • Umbrella Mount Bracket- A hole design for mounting urbrella
  • 180° Swivel joint allow vertical adjustment of the umbrella
  • Allow the light stand bracket to attach to a tripod or light stand
  • Material: Solid Metal body, abs Plastic knob build quality 

1,390৳  1,990৳ 

Godox Dual Hot Shoe Flash Holder Bracket Price in Bangladesh

The Godox Dual Flash Bracket is an accessory designed to hold two flash units at the same time, allowing photographers to achieve more creative and versatile lighting setups. The bracket is made of durable aluminum alloy and is compatible with standard hot shoe flashes.

The dual flash bracket is adjustable, allowing you to position the two flash units at different angles and distances to create the desired lighting effect. This can be especially useful for portrait and product photography, as well as for lighting large areas.

The Godox Dual Flash Bracket features a 1/4″ screw hole at the bottom, which allows you to mount it onto a tripod or light stand for added stability. Additionally, it has a cold shoe mount at the top, which can be used to attach an additional accessory, such as a microphone or a small LED light.

Overall, the Godox Dual Flash Bracket is a versatile and useful accessory for photographers who need to use multiple flash units in their work. It can help to create more interesting and dynamic lighting effects and expand the creative possibilities of your photography.

This is a universal flash bracket for the stu-dio use. Fitting for any light stand or tripod (1/4″ screw or 3/8″ screw).
Made of high quality metal material, which is very durable and lightweight to carry.
It can be applied to various flashes. After the flash is connected, it can be directly connected to any light stand, which is convenient for photography enthusiasts to use the flash for multi-directional fill light.
There are screws at the connection of the flash to prevent the flash from being unstable. Increased safety factor.
The lamp holder has a jack for inserting a reflective umbrella or a soft umbrella, and the flash can be adjusted 180 degrees.
Better use the flash to light the subject.
Universal hot shoe mount for most DSLR Camera and other flashes with standard shoe mount or video LED light, stu-dio light.

Item Type: Light Stand Bracket
Material: plastic+metal
Size: Length: 185mm/7.2in
Color: Black
Quantity: 1 Pc

Package Includes:
1 x Light Stand Bracket


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