Camelion AAA Digi Alkaline LR03 1.5V High Performance Battery – (1 Pair)

  • 10 Years Germany Energy Power
  • 2 AAA alkaline batteries
  • Ready-to-go power source
  • Delivers long-lasting and reliable power
  • Compatible with a variety of products

150৳  290৳ 

Camelion AAA Digi Alkaline High Performance Battery Best Price in Bangladesh

The Camelion AAA Digi Alkaline LR03 1.5V High Performance Battery is a type of disposable battery produced by Camelion, a well-known brand in the battery industry. These batteries are specifically designed for digital devices and are marketed as offering high performance.

The AAA size refers to the form factor of the battery, which is commonly used in various portable electronic devices due to its compact size. The 1.5V voltage rating is standard for alkaline batteries and is compatible with most devices that require AAA batteries.

The “Digi” designation in the name suggests that these batteries are optimized for digital devices, which often have higher power demands compared to other electronic devices. Alkaline batteries like the Camelion AAA Digi Alkaline LR03 are typically known for their long-lasting power and ability to provide consistent performance over time.

Overall, these batteries are intended to meet the needs of consumers who require reliable power sources for their digital devices, such as digital cameras, electronic toys, handheld gaming devices, and other gadgets. The “high performance” aspect of these batteries suggests that they are designed to deliver strong and consistent power output, making them suitable for use in a variety of applications.

  • Powerful performance: Well-suited for devices with higher power demands
  • Long-lasting: Provides extended use compared to standard alkaline batteries
  • Leakproof: Offers reliable protection against leaks and damage
  • Durable: Built to withstand various operating conditions
  • Environmentally friendly: Contains no mercury, cadmium or lead 

What is the Latest Price of Camelion AAA Digi Alkaline Battery in Bangladesh?

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