Tteoobl GQ-518 Underwater Waterproof Camera Housing Case for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras –


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  • Waterproof up to 20m (65ft)
  • With a string for carrying convenience
  • Floating automatically in the event of a fall in water
  • Made of soft PVC sheath for convenient control buttons of the camera
  • Reliable protection from water, sand, dust and weather elements
  • Transparent HD lens clear, no influence the photo effect
  • Universal Waterproof Case for most of the DSLR Lens Cameras

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Tteoobl GQ-518 Underwater Waterproof Camera Housing Case Price in Bangladesh

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Universal waterproof housing for most DSLR SLR lens cameras. 
Underwater up to 20m (65ft).
Transparent clear HD lens, no influence to the photographic effect.
Soft PVC jacket for convenient camera buttons control.
Reliable protection from water,dust,sand and weather elements.
Floating automatically, if dropped into water.
With a lanyard for carrying convenience.

Type: Waterproof bag
Color: White / Black / Orange / Blue / Transparent / Green (optional)
Material: PVC
Lens cover length: 10cm / 3.9in
Lens cover diameter: 8cm / 3.1in
Item size: 24.5 * 17.5cm / 9.6 * 6.9in
Item weight: 253g / 9oz
Lanyard length: 60-120cm / 24-48in (length adjustable)
Package size: 28 * 17 * 6cm / 11 * 6.7 * 2.4in
Package weight: 411g / 14.5oz



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