Takstar SGC-600 On-Camera Shotgun Sound Recording Professional Microphone – Black


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  • Tailored for photography/interview
  • Suitable for DSLR/DV/cell phone
  • Pipe cartridge promotes picking up range
  • Accuracy but reduces ambient noise picking up
  • Gain fader to adjust according to the requirement
  • Low cut function for background noise
  • Standard cold shoe design for convenient installation
  • Anti-vibration structure effectively reduce noise
  • Low power voltage indication included
  • One 1.5V AA battery lasts for more than 100h operation

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Takstar SGC-600 Shotgun Recording Microphone Price in Bangladesh

The SGC-600 Shotgun Camera Microphone is suitable for videography, interview, and broadcast on DSLR cameras, DV cameras, camcorders, tripods, and other mobile stabilizers as long as it has a cold shoe mount and a 3.5mm audio input interface.
The shotgun-style and the super-cardioid pickup pattern enhance the sound pickup range and direction, effectively setting the environmental noise apart from the target audio content.
Three-stage microphone gain meets the audio recording needs at different distances. -10dB lower sound for loud sound or close distance; +10dB for booming and capturing clear audio sources from far; 0dB record the natural volume from standard distance.
Switch on the Low Cut function to filter out unwanted background noise like wind, fan, traffic, birds, pets, echoes and other below 200Hz sound and focus on the target’s vocal content. Or keep the Low Cut off to capture the original environment sound without missing any detail of the nature.
The SGC 600 is battery-powered and works up to 100 hours from any 1.5V AA battery. Separate the microphone power source from cameras means more flexibility to record sound. SGC-600 shotgun mic can be used as an independent boom mic to record audio in a flexible recording area not limited to staying on camera and it can also work as a backup microphone for recording important backup audio files in weddings, press conferences, interviews, etc.
In the case with SGC-600 camera microphone, videographers and filmmakers no longer worry about the camera’s battery getting drained by an external microphone since the SGC-600 works up to 100 hours after being fully charged. A replacement battery should be relatively affordable and easily found in any corner store. Nevertheless, using rechargeable batteries is also highly recommended for sustainable and budget reasons.


On-camera video recording, interviews, broadcast, filmmaking, short film, vlogs, weddings, family events, homecoming, YouTube videos, exhibitions, documentaries, etc.

  • Tailored for photography/interview, suitable for DSLR/DV/cell phone.
  • Pipe cartridge promotes picking up range and accuracy but reduces ambient noise picking up.
  • Microphone gain fader to adjust according to the requirement of picking up range.
  • Low cut function for background noise below 200Hz to make recording clearer.
  • Standard cold shoe design for convenient installation on camera.
  • Anti-vibration structure effectively reduces mechanical noise and vibration noise.
  • Low power voltage indication.

Product specification:
Cartridge: Φ10mm condenser cartridge
Polar Pattern: super-cardioid
Frequency Response: 50Hz-16kHz
Sensitivity: -25dB±3dB(0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
Gain Adjustment: +10dB/0dB/-10dB
Low Cut: 200Hz 12dB/Oct
Output Impedance: 2.2KΩ±30%
Power Supply: 1.5V AA battery
Product dim: L157mm X H48mm
Collecting tube Φ11mm X L120mm
Net Weight: 75g

Product packaging:
SGC-600 Microphone *1
C2-1 Splitter Cable *1
Windscreen *1
User Manual *1