Godox D-Type Professional Speedlite Flash Holder Bracket with Umbrella & Softbox Mounting – Black


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  • D-Type Flashlight Holder
  • Fits Tripod and Umbrella
  • Useful flash light mount for your camera
  • Suitable for Flash Units with a Hot Shoe Mount
  • Also Fits on Tripods with a 1/4 “or 3/8” Thread

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Godox D-Type Professional Flash Holder Price in Bangladesh

The  Godox Speedlite D holder  you can attach a location flash on a tripod, including an umbrella. This holder is suitable for flash units with a hot shoe mount, except for those from Sony Minolta, and in connection with the different hot shoe. Also, the holder fits on tripods with a 1/4 “or 3/8” thread. The Godox D Speedlite Holder is lightweight and compact and easy to carry. Weight: 226 grams. Dimensions: 5.1 x 12.8 x 7.7 cm.

The Godox D-Type Flash Holder is an accessory used to attach a portable flash unit to a light stand or tripod. It is designed to accommodate Godox AD200, AD200Pro, AD360II, AD360II-N, V860II, V850II, TT685, TT600 and many types of flash units.

The D-Type Flash Holder features a locking knob that secures the flash unit in place, as well as a cold shoe mount that allows for easy attachment and detachment of the flash. It also includes a 5/8″ receiver that is compatible with most light stands and tripods.

One of the advantages of using a flash holder like the Godox D-Type is that it provides more flexibility and control over the placement and direction of the light. It allows the photographer to position the flash off-camera, which can produce more creative and dynamic lighting effects. Additionally, it helps to reduce the harshness of direct flash and can create more natural-looking images.

Overall, the Godox D-Type Flash Holder is a useful accessory for photographers who want to take their flash photography to the next level by using off-camera flash techniques.


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